About Us

We understand that modern chaotic rhythm requires compromising on things you want to do in a day. We believe learning languages should not be one of these things. To make this possible, we created SpeedLearn, which makes learning languages comfortable and accessible anytime. Our team behind SpeedLearn consists of experienced professionals in linguistics, pedagogy and IT. We put our efforts and expertise into building the online platform with the highest quality tutors, lectures, tests and other learning materials.


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The best way to learn a language is direct communication with people. Here, you can get in touch with people who learn the same language as you, interact with them and improve together.


Learn a new language from the comfort of your home. You are in control of organizing when you want to have a class and all the materials and tests you need are here.


Every learning process is much more meaningful when knowing how far you’ve come. SpeedLearn allows you to track your progress to stay aware of your improvement.